Ongropack Ltd manufactures and sells PVC sheets and films. PVC films can be found in the market under the trade-name: ONGROFOL, while sheets are distributed with the trade-names: ONGRODUR and ONGROFOAM.

  • ONGROFOL products: PVC rigid films and PVC stretch films
  • ONGRODUR products: PVC solid sheets
  • ONGROFOAM products: PVC Free- foamed sheets.


PVC sheets are manufactured by extrusion technology. PVC rigid films are non-plasticized and flexible products which are manufactured by a calendering technology. PVC stretch films are plasticized, flexible, cold expandable products which are manufactured by extrusion blowing technology.

Typical applications of the products

The main application of PVC rigid films are thermoforming of pharmaceutical blisters, food and display packaging or sign making. PVC stretch films are used for manual and automatic food packaging. Solid sheets are mainly used by the construction industry as door skins, wall cladding and insulation panels, while foamed sheets are extremely popular in the sign-making industry.