After decades of managership assumed in the Chemical Industry, and 15 years of experience acquired as a CEO of BorsodChem- a company operating firstly as a state-owned corporation, later as an enterprise listed on Budapest and London Stock Exchange and afterwards as an unlisted company operating in majority ownership structure -, I had a great opportunity to experience how a Manager can serve the interests of the Owner. I have also learned what information, feedback or signs Managers expect from the Owner during board meetings, general assemblies or informal interactions.

Owing to my former position, I know Ongropack’s business past, market positions, and its short term and future goals ripening in a recessive economical environment. I believe, I will be able to build a harmonious and long-term goal focused relationship with the Management of Ongropack who I know well and honor much.

As an entrepreneur, I deem expediential to define the short and long term expectations on Management with the priority of the Customers’ interests - high, stable and reproducible product quality, continuous product development initiatives, cost-competitiveness resulting the products’ price-competitiveness, etc.

After defining exactly the Company’s commercial goals, as a majority owner I am willing to provide all my support to realize them. The current size of the enterprise potentiates to carry out them in an open, honest, cooperative and informal environment.